Interactive voting

Involve participants in a virtual event or with an audience.

Involve participants in a virtual event or with an audience.

Speed, Security and Reliability at an AGM.

With recognized expertise in electronic voting, Eclipse specializes in several types of events, whether for online voting or with keypads.

Annual General Meeting AGM


Conventions and conferences

Strategic planning


Interactive quiz

Contest and electronic survey

Eclipse offers you different technologies!

Whether it is to vote using a smartphone, tablet, computer or a keypad, our specialists will help you choose the technology to achieve your goals.

Online voting

With our Scrutin, technological platform custom designed by Eclipse, we can offer several possibilities to all our customers for a live event or according to a specific period.

For formal votes, participants receive their identifiers in order to access the ballot. For other purposes, voting access is possible with a session name.

Possibilities for online voting

Participants can vote with their cell phone, tablet or computer

Results can be instantly broadcast as needed on a screen or webcast

Real-time display with countdown and music

Possibility of open questions with textual answers

Possibility to ask questions to the speaker or the organization

Complete reports tailored to the event

Allocation of voting weights for each participant as needed

Vote from anywhere, live or within a specified period.

In the case of a more formal vote

Participants cannot vote more than once on the same question

Secure login can be anonymous or associated with a participant

The login can be distributed by automated email with connection hyperlink

During an event, the login can be given to the reception of the event on a badge or in another way

Voting with keypads

Our voting system with keypads and the accompanying personalized service has made us famous for several years with professional orders, corporations, government organizations and unions.

The voting system allows participants to answer questions shown on the screen during a presentation. The results can be produced instantly.

The keypads don't need Wi-Fi and there is no interference with existing networks.

Vote interactif

Benefits of using a clicker

Ease of voting at the push of a button (no procedure)

Accessible to all participants

No need for cellular network or internet

Ultra fast transmission, if speed is important for quizzes

Voting can be anonymous or attributed to each participant

Complete reports tailored to the event

Contact an Eclipse professional for a demonstration and discuss our system integration at your next event.

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