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Eclipse Eclipse is an audiovisual company that has innovated by offering interactive solutions for several types of events.Whether it's audiovisual, an interactive silent auction, voting or hosting management at an event, take advantage of high-qualitypersonalized service.

With over a hundred events to its credit, Eclipse will provide you with the benefit of its vast experience during:

Gala and fundraising events




Several other types of activities


With our offices in Montreal and Quebec region, we can serve several regions of the province.

Our Team

You can count on us to support you through to the end of your project while adding new ideas.

Thanks to our great expertise and our availability to our customers. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Yannick Provencher
Yannick Provencher
Yannick a plus de 30 ans d’expérience dans l’industrie audiovisuelle. Les événements n’ont plus de secrets pour lui.

His calm, his keen sense of logistics and his attention to detail have enabled Yannick to organize several major and international events.

Dario Provencher
Dario Provencher
Dario has been involved in the event industry for over 20 years.

He has developed expertise in voting systems and interactive silent auctions.Through his experience and versatility, he will be able to listen to the requests of his clients and thus support them in their project.

They trusted us

Our personalized and transparent approach has enabled us to develop a long-lasting relationship of trust with our customers.

Here are some clients :